Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our kids youth pastor and his wife both graduated from Bible College this weekend and I decided they should each have their own card. I don't know if I ever made a graduation card before; if I have it was a long time ago. I don't have any graduation stamp sets so I set out to find inspiration. I found it at Poetic Artistry; you can see the card I copied here.

I pulled out some watercolor paper, wet it down and rubbed green, blue and yellow distress ink on it. Next I used a wet brush and forced the colors to combine a bit. I picked out some old glittery powder I have, intending to sprinkle a bit here and there. Instead, a rather large amount plopped onto the paper. I did my best to remove the excess but I ended up with fairly glittery paper. That's ok, glitter is rarely bad. That paper served as the main panel for both of my cards. On one card I embossed flowers in pink, orange and green while the on the other I embossed a leaf stem in green.

Next I got a little bleach out.  Using a stencil and a sponge, I bleached out a design on the "male" card.  For the female card I used a small brush and removed a bit of color inside the flowers.

On another piece of watercolor paper, after wetting it down, I rubbed in orange and yellow distress inks and again brushed to combine.  I didn't add any glittery powder to this piece,  but there was enough laying around my counter to glitter up this paper just a bit.  (Without trying!)

I stamped the sentiment for both cards using black ink and embossed them with clear embossing powder.

For the male card I tied some black embroidery thread near the bottom then distressed all of the edges pretty heavily.  I mounted it onto a while panel which also has distressed edges and green distress ink around the edge.  I chose a copper metallic paper for the card base - I wonder where I got copper paper?!

For the female card I embellished simply with a flower brad on which I stuck a rhinestone.   I mounted this one on Melon Mambo cardstock after heavily distressing all edges.  This time the card base was simply white.

I don't think the glittery effect shows in the photos.  Oh well!...  I was quite pleased with these cards.

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