Monday, October 11, 2010

Beginning Again

After my long hiatus from stamping I made the card shown in my last post. As I said, it was for my Mom. The date of the post shows as August 30th but, in fact, in MY time it was made on August 31st. (I am in Taiwan which is 12-15 hours ahead of America.) I finished the card in the afternoon. That night I received the news that my Mom had died so, obviously, I never got to send her the last card I made for her. Mom died on August 31st, 2010.

Today is October 11, 2010 and once again I have returned to stamping. I made this card for a woman who reads my other blog. She comments frequently and has a blog of her own which I love to read. I recently mentioned on my other blog that Mom was the only person who sent me letters. Elizabeth commented that she would happily write real letters to me. I cried when I read that. I quickly sent her my address, and she sent me hers. So today I decided I need to write to Elizabeth and I cannot do it on ordinary stationary; I needed a handmade card.

I made a watercolor image because I love water coloring. Since I am living in Asia I turned the image on its side so that it looks kind of like an image of cherry blossoms. Because Elizabeth and I are both Christians I chose to include the Bible verse. It speaks to where I am at emotionally right now. The card was not looking good; too stark, too sparse and too... I don't know. Then I thought of the Bible verse that talks about seeing through a glass darkly but that someday we will see our Saviour clearly, face to face. (That also speaks to where I am at now as I consider my Mom now seeing Jesus clearly.) I decided to put vellum over my main image, which sort of distorts the image. It just seemed fitting to me.

I am sorry that I cannot do a better job of explaining this card. It's clear in my head, but at this time I am having trouble translating the thoughts from my brain onto "paper" (as it were.)

I'm rusty. But I have begun stamping again and I intend to keep at it. I have missed it and I need it.

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