Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breaking the Rules...

So I believe I am finally, officially, back to stamping. I used a sketch from the blog "Mojo Monday" to get me started. Except, right out of the gate, I broke one of the rules! The ribbon is supposed to go horizontally across the top of the card. I just did not like how it looked that way, at all, so I did it vertically instead. It doesn't matter because: 1) I don't think the blog people are terribly concerned that I follow their rules exactly; 2) There is no prize up for grabs; and 3) I am strictly using them for "inspiration" and they certainly gave me that this week!

Here is my card, front:

and inside:

Making this card made me realize something good and something bad about my Mom being gone. The bad: I don't get to show my cards to my Mom and listen to her tell me how great I'm doing. The good: I can send the cards to ANYONE. In the past I had to fight not to send every card to Mom because I knew she would think they were wonderful whereas anyone else will not necessarily think that.

I like this card. I wish I could send it to my Mom.


  1. It is a great card. I'm always impressed by your creativity and dedication.

    ;-) My cards tend to be white stock paper with a thank you stamp and a short note.

  2. You don't make fancy cards, but you can stay on a horse when it jumps over something!