Sunday, July 24, 2011

I just want to show off some of the cards I am making for my friend.

Because I am trying to make a quantity of cards I am looking for simple cards. Today (very early this morning actually - jet lag!) I came up with this idea which I must say I LOVE:

As I am playing with ideas I have come up with cards that I like but which are not practical to produce en masse. This is one such card:

Two things about the poppy card: 1) It looks better in real life (I say that a lot.) 2) It was sort of a happy accident. I was trying to make a poppy garden but I didn't have any stem stamps that I liked. I tried drawing some by hand and ended up with a mess. However, I had a piece of vellum sitting nearby and held it over the poppies to see if they would look any better under vellum. Then I decided to stamp another poppy on the vellum, thereby hiding my awful stems. I think it looks a bit weird in this scanned image but in real life it really does look quite nice.

I will send the one-of-a-kind cards to my friend too and hope that she likes them. I have an idea for another simple card that I will make tomorrow. But for now it's off to bed!


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