Monday, January 18, 2010

Button Balloons

I never managed to enter the contest I wanted to enter last week. I only completed 1 of the 5 projects. Too bad, because the prize was a lot of very beautiful stamps. Oh well...

I have managed to make just one card in the past week. I'll post it, although it didn't scan well because the buttons prevent the top closing on the scanner. I copied the idea of the button balloons from my new favorite card blogger. You can see her card here. I have the greatest collection of vintage buttons - a whole tin that belonged to my Grandma. The yellow button on my card is from her collection. I hesitate to use them because they are irreplaceable; however, I recently became aware of the TV show "The Hoarders" and it scares me, so I am tossing things and using things with a new purpose!

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