Friday, January 22, 2010

I am so frustrated! I made a card that is too bulky to scan. I photographed it. I uploaded the picture to my photo software. I cannot FIND the picture to put on here! I have looked, and looked, and looked some more. I shut down the computer thinking maybe it needed to shut down to save it. No luck. It doesn't seem to be anywhere! And yet, every time I open the photo program there it is. AAAAAAAGH!

Any ideas?


  1. Open your photo in the photo editing software, but then click on "Save As" and it should bring up what it's currently saved as and the file it's in and show you where it's going to save it - which is usually the same as where it saved it the last time you did it. I can usually find mine that way. You don't actually have to save it as something else, but look at where it's at now and then click "cancel" and then go back to your blog post and point it there. Does that make sense? I'm sorry it seems like I'm talking in circles, it's harder to explain than to do.

  2. Beautiful cards here. I do hope the reciprients appreciate the work and time that have gone into them.